Copplestone Methodist Church

A Letter from Mark Williams

Dear Friends,

As you know, church buildings up and down the country, inclusing ours here in Copplestone, have been closed in recent weeks in light of the ongoing response to COVID-19. We've been unable to meet together in person on Sundays for our usual services and all kinds of midweek groups haven't been able to meet in or use the building. It's just as well that church was never about the buildings we meet in!

As a church we believe that God is real, he's alive and is at work even here in Copplestone and that he chooses to use ordinary, imperfect people to fulfil his perfect plan. As a church we try to follow the example of Jesus who, as the bible teaches, came into the world to serve and not be served, During the COVID-19 crises as a church we have continues to pray for the community we are part of here in Copplestone. Some have been the 'hands and feet' of the church by helping with the practical needs of those who have had to saty at home in isolation, be it going food shopping or just phoning up for a chat. Others have continued to work with the Foodbank in Crediton delivering food boxes where needed, including to some here in the village. Let's not forget those within the church who are keyworkers and have served in schools, shops, banks and within the NHS.

Even as we begin to move out of lockdown, life still carries many restrictions and is still a farcry from 'normal'. However, our God is not restricted and we want to say that we are here for you and willing to help in whatever way we can. If you need prayer, practical help due to self-isolation/shielding or just simply would like someone to talk to, then please do get in touch via the contact form on this website or for anything urgent, you can call me on 07494 509 299.

In His service,

Mark Williams
Children & Youth Worker