Copplestone Methodist Church

COVID Response

A letter from the leaders:

Greetings in Jesus’ Name to all who are a part of our very special church family. Like you, we all miss sharing worship and fellowship together on a Sunday. We are deeply grateful to Chris Sampson for his enthusiasm, expertise and time commitment enabling us to have an online service every Sunday. Thank you Chris!

You may be wondering when we will return to using our building again on a Sunday, particularly in light of the Government saying that from 4th July places of worship can begin opening. However, it is not straightforward ! There are many conditions to satisfy and restrictions on what we can do and how we can do it! We have a responsibility to keep everyone safe.

Currently we are waiting for guidance both from the Government and from the Methodist Church, under whose authority we come, to know what options are available to us for re- commencing Sunday worship in the building for all our church family - adults and children. When the information is available we will be calling, via this notice sheet, a Zoom Church Council Meeting as that body has the authority to decide when and how we reopen..

Meanwhile, be assured that our on-line Sunday worship will continue for as long as necessary.

God bless you all.